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Downhill Skating In Italy With Skateboarding Pro Josh Neuman

Josh Neuman’s gnarly first descent in the beautiful hills of Italy.

Watch pro downhill skateboarder’s gnarly first descent in the beautiful hills of Italy. Professional skateboarder, Josh Neuman from North Carolina, is known for skating super dangerous hills and inclines. Josh is a true adrenaline junkie that loves to ride skateboards downhill at speeds up to 68 miles per hour, down some of the most dangerous winding roads in the world.

downhill skating in Italy

Not only is this downhills skating professional incredibly talented, but he is also extremely brave. Not that he has remained injury free. He has broken his knee a couple of time and had a pretty bad cut on his knee that went down to the bone.

The footage shot during in this awesome downhill skating run is beautiful, and the scenery of Italy is absolutely gorgeous.

Josh, who is also a videographer and an entrepreneur, owns a videography company called NeuVision Media.

About Josh:

“Josh found his passion for filmmaking at an early 12 years old and since then, has gained valuable industry experience and worked with clients ranging from GoPro to Triangle-based realtors.”

About his company:

“NeuVision Media is a media production company based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The company was founded in December of 2018 by Josh Neuman with the goal of documenting everything from action sports to real estate. Since then, NeuVision Media has served over 75 happy clients and continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible with a camera.”

He does some awesome work, so make sure to support him and his love of downhill skating. You can find him on all the big social media platforms to watch his great skateboarding and downhill skating content.

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