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How To Avoid Common Roller Skating Injuries

Learn how to avoid injury with Dirty Deborah Harry from the Dirty School of Skating as your skating instructor.

Are you tired of banging your head? Sick of cracking your tailbone? Maybe you want to avoid another wrist injury. If you want to avoid learn how to avoid these three roller skating injuries, you are in the right place. Former rink rat and figure skater, Dirty Deborah Harry from the Dirty School of Skating will show you how to skate clear of injury through prevention and protection!

How To Avoid Common Roller Skating Injuries!
Learn How To Avoid Common Roller Skating Injuries!

Dirty Deborah does an awesome job of providing detailed roller skating information, and learning to avoid injury when you are roller skating is important for prolonged skating happiness. He delivery is enthusiastic and she will have you learning, skating, and smiling all at the same time. Her videos provide a wealth of knowledge for skaters of all skill levels. Enjoy the video, and happy skating!

Who is Dirty Deborah of Dirty School of Skating?

“Hey Skaters! My name is Dirty Deborah Harry and I am a 3rd generation roller skater and roller skating instructor. I live in Long Beach, California and my family has owned and operated the Fountain Valley Skating Center since the doors opened in 1976!

Learning To Roller Skate To Avoid Injury
Dirty Deborah of Dirty School of Skating Teaches Roller Skating

I began skating at age 3 and have been a “rink rat” ever since. For those of you who don’t know, a “rink rat” is a skater who basically lives at the rink and is obsessed with all things roller skating. I have skated a wide varied of disciplines including freestyle, figures, speed, dance, street, show, banked and flat track derby and skate parks.

I have taught in 11 countries around the world and have been imparting the skating wisdom passed down by my family full-time since 2006. The purpose of this channel is to bring you the best in roller skating tutorials. I teach is a detailed step-by-step fashion with a high emphasis on technique. I hope you learn and grown in your skating skills as a result of watching. Now…GO PRACTICE!”

Check out more Roller Skating video at Dirty School of Skating YouTube Channel:

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