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Skating in the Craziest Spots With Skate Or Die

From skating in the forest to riding on top of a bridge, these unconventional spots redefine the limits of skateboarding

Skateboarding is a sport known for its ability to push boundaries and defy expectations. While most skateboarders find excitement in tackling gnarly hill bombs or abandoned buildings, there are some individuals who take it to a whole new level. We will dive into this informative skateboarding video from Skate Or Die, that showcases the top 10 craziest places people have skated. From skating in the forest to riding on top of a bridge, these unconventional spots redefine the limits of skateboarding.

Skating in the Forest

The last place you would expect to see a skater is in the tranquil and natural environment of a forest. However, Red Bull took Ryan Sheckler and Gustavo Ribeiro into the treacherous woods of Austria to film a skateboarding video. Despite the lack of traditional skateboarding elements, they managed to hit gaps, rails, and even a massive quarter pipe. OJ Wheels, a skateboarding wheel company, has also released videos of skaters hitting dirt jumps built for BMX and mountain bikes in the woods. Skating in the forest presents unique challenges due to limited speed and rough terrain, making it an extraordinary and daring feat.

Skating in a Factory

Skateboarding in a factory might sound like a terrible idea, with heavy machinery and potentially dangerous obstacles. However, Red Bull proved otherwise when they allowed Ryan Sheckler, Zion Wright, and others to skate in a factory that produces parts for wind turbines. The massive full pipes made for an exhilarating skateboarding experience, even though the risks were high. Skating in such an industrial setting requires expert skill and precision to avoid accidents.

Skating on Top of a Bridge

Skating on top of a bridge is not for the faint of heart. Sandro Diaz Espinoza took this challenge to new heights, literally, by skating on a half pipe bridge that was 150 feet off the ground. The immense risk involved in this stunt was evident, as one wrong move could have been catastrophic. However, with the necessary safety measures in place, Sandro managed to skate the bridge successfully, showcasing his exceptional skateboarding skills.

Skating in a Shut Down Water Park

Skating in a water park is a dream come true for many skateboarders. Red Bull and Thrasher produced videos that feature skaters taking over massive water parks in Dubai. These videos display impressive skateboarding skills on huge features, such as ramps and slides. Skating in a water park allows for unique opportunities to combine the thrill of skateboarding with the element of water, resulting in visually captivating and exhilarating footage.

Skating on a Floating Skate Park

Imagine skateboarding on a skate park built on water. Red Bull brought this extraordinary concept to life by creating a floating skate park in Finland. Skaters, including Ryan Sheckler and Zion Wright, had the chance to showcase their skills on multiple mini ramps and a gap over the water. The floating park even included a lounge area and a sauna, making it an all-encompassing experience. Building a skate park on water adds an extra layer of excitement and challenges, pushing the boundaries of traditional skateboarding.

Skating the Natural Features of the Desert

Skateboarding in the desert may not seem impressive at first, but when skaters utilize natural features of the landscape, it becomes an entirely different experience. Jeremy Wray pioneered this concept in his 2002 video, “One Step Beyond,” where he skated a scalable spot in the desert. In 2019, Red Bull assembled a team of renowned skaters to explore the desert’s natural features, resulting in breathtaking videos that showcased the fusion of skateboarding and the raw beauty of the desert.

Skateboarding in the desert allows skaters to tap into the harmonious relationship between their boards and the rugged terrain. The vast expanse of sand dunes, rocky outcrops, and challenging landscapes offer a unique canvas for skaters to express their creativity and showcase their technical prowess.

Ancient Ruins

Skateboarders are no strangers to incorporating historical landmarks into their playgrounds. Ancient ruins offer a unique and visually stunning backdrop for skateboarding. From ancient temples and castles to forgotten civilizations, these sites provide skaters with an opportunity to blend the old with the new. The contrast between ancient architecture and modern tricks creates a captivating fusion of past and present.

Urban Rooftops

Skateboarding has taken to the skies as skaters explore the untapped potential of urban rooftops. The concrete jungle becomes their canvas as they navigate the complex terrain of rooftops, leaping over gaps and sliding along edges. Skating on rooftops provides an exhilarating sense of height and urban exploration, offering breathtaking views of the cityscape as skaters defy gravity in the most unexpected of places.

skateboard on ice and snow

Abandoned Amusement Parks

There is a certain eerie allure to abandoned amusement parks that draws skateboarders in. These forgotten playgrounds offer a mix of nostalgia and thrill as skaters ride through rusted roller coasters, twisted slides, and decaying structures. The desolation of these parks creates a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere, where skaters reclaim the once joyous spaces and transform them into their own adrenaline-fueled arenas.

Mountainous Landscapes

Skateboarding has transcended the confines of concrete and now ventures into the rugged terrain of mountains. Skaters are now seen conquering winding mountain roads, carving through hairpin turns, and embracing the natural slopes. Mountainous landscapes present a unique challenge, demanding not only exceptional balance and control but also a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature. The marriage of skateboarding and mountains offers an awe-inspiring experience that combines athleticism and the serenity of the great outdoors.

Unleashing the Skateboarding Spirit

The world of skateboarding is filled with daring and adventurous individuals who constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible. From forests to factories, bridges to water parks, deserts to historical landmarks, skateboarders have found ways to turn unconventional and seemingly impossible locations into their playgrounds.

The events described in this article showcase the fearless spirit of skateboarders as they take on some of the craziest spots imaginable. They demonstrate the creativity, skill, and innovation of the skateboarding community, as they adapt to diverse environments and transform them into epic skate destinations.

Skateboarders like Ryan Sheckler, Tony Hawk, and Jaws have proven that no obstacle is too daunting, whether it’s maneuvering through treacherous woods, grinding on metal structures in factories, or even skating on top of bridges with death-defying drops. They exemplify the determination and passion that drive skateboarders to conquer new challenges and defy gravity.

The videos and experiences captured in these spots not only inspire awe and admiration but also serve as a testament to the human spirit of adventure and the pursuit of fun. Skateboarding isn’t just about performing tricks; it’s about exploring the unexplored, pushing one’s limits, and finding beauty in unexpected places.

As skateboarding continues to evolve, we can only anticipate more incredible spots being conquered by fearless skaters. They will continue to amaze us with their ability to transform any location into a canvas for their artistry, showcasing the true essence of skateboarding.

So, the next time you see a skateboarder, remember that beneath their fearless exterior lies a passion for exploration and a dedication to embracing the unconventional. They remind us that with a board beneath their feet, skaters can turn the world into their playground, creating awe-inspiring moments that will forever be etched in the history of skateboarding.


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