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What Should You Wear Ice Skating

You can wear whatever you wish, but you must be prepared for the cold conditions.

what to wear ice skating
You can wear whatever you wish, but you must be prepared for the cold conditions.

You can wear whatever you wish, but you must be prepared for the cold conditions. So, here are some tips on what to wear. You should wear a lightweight warm-up type jacket. Leggings or sweatpants are also suitable. You can also wear a skirt or dress with tights underneath. For men, you should wear waterproof trousers or lightweight chinos. You should not wear shorts or revealing tops as they will be too hot to keep warm.

Light fleece, sweatshirt, warm-up type jacket, or sweater

You’ll be chilly, so it’s best to wear light-colored, breathable clothing. Wear a warm hat and gloves, too, as ice skating can get very cold in the morning. For afternoon sessions, wear a lighter sweater or sweatshirt. A scarf keeps the wind from blowing your hair, so make sure it’s tucked inside your garment. And as with all skating clothes, be sure to dry quickly afterward.


If you are planning to take up ice skating, then one of the most important items that you should get for this sport is leggings. Ice skating leggings are designed with comfort and fashion in mind, and will fit any body shape. There are many brands of leggings available for all kinds of women, including Mondor. These pants can be worn under any type of clothing. They are also a great way to look cool and comfortable during your performances.

Knit socks

In figure skating competitions, skaters wear compulsory figures, or cables, that are traced on the ice to demonstrate their skills. The same cables can be used to create figure skating socks, with the difference being that cables are made of thicker materials than normal socks. To knit these socks, you must have knowledge of cabling, as well as basic cuff-down sock construction techniques. If you’re new to cable knitting, try a cable tutorial online.

Long underwear

Girls should wear long underwear for ice skating. It should not only be comfortable, but also allow for easy movement. The ice skating uniform includes a pair of girls’ thermal underwear. They should also be thick, as the ice under them can be quite cold. This way, they can focus on skating instead of worrying about their clothing. If you want to stay warm and comfortable while skating, make sure to buy long underwear for girls that is made of synthetic materials.

Technical mid layer top with no hood

A technical mid layer top with no hood is the best top half option for ice skating. It is made from technical fabrics that are highly breathable and stretchy. These fabrics are also fitted so you can move freely. A mid layer is often a fitted long sleeve t shirt or a fleece. These layers are designed to provide maximum range of movement and are removable if training gets too warm.

Microfiber sweaters

If you’re interested in purchasing an ice skating microfiber sweater, there are a few things that you should know. First of all, you should consider how warm you need to be. While you may be cold, microfiber is the best material to wear as it is super warm and dries quickly. This material is better than wool and silk, which tend to retain their shape after being washed. In addition, you’ll find that ice skating sweaters made of these materials won’t cling to your body, which can lead to injury.

Stretchable materials

Figure skaters need fabric that allows them to move comfortably. Designers use materials such as spandex, lycra, and stretchy mesh to create their outfits. Some even choose to use velvet or lace. Some designers even modify the fabric, dying it the colors they want or using airbrushing to add a pattern. Women often choose to wear short skirts. Other materials used for skating costumes include lycra, nylon, and lycra blends.

Fitted gloves

If you’re new to ice skating, there are many things you should know about fitted gloves. Unlike other types of gloves, these are not waterproof and are not leather. Leather doesn’t like being wet, and your kid might have wet hands during a competition. Still, all gloves add a protective layer to your hand, and they keep you from getting cut by the blade. While ice skating gloves can reduce frustration, they don’t completely protect your hands.


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