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Cepeda Pulls Off Upset Win At The Most Epic Skateboarding Battle in BATB History

2014’s Pros vs. Joes, the seventh season of Battle at the Berrics

There were about 1,000 skateboarding fans in the arena to watch the most epic upset win in the BATB skateboard competitions history. The fans in attendance were going wild with cheers and support on every attempted trick. Hundreds of thousands of skateboarding fans were lucky enough to watch it live on various devices for the first time in history, and witness intense skating competition that nearly blew the roof of The Berrics.

Professional Skateboarder Cody Cepeda – Michigan

Michigan’s Cody Cepeda pulled off an upset against the major favorite Luan Oliveira, and the the world had the opportunity to experience the resulting mayhem in The Berrics. The crowd of fans jumped off the bleachers, knocked down the barriers. and rushed to congratulate the winning skater.

Cody Cepeda and Luan Oliveira would both return in 2018 for BATB 11. This time, Oliveira rolled away with the win to secure the title of reigning champion of the BATB.

Professional Skateboarder Luan Oliveira – Porto Alegre Brazil

The premise of 2014’s “Pros vs. Joes,” the seventh season of BATB, was to pit unknown skaters against the best skateboarders in the world. This was the first Battle At The Berrics Finals to be broadcast live for the world to watch. The skate contests at The Berrics are known for featuring some of the best skateboard pros and amateurs in the world, insane skateboard tricks, and insanely wild crowds. If you have not seen skate competitions at the Berrics, then you are missing out.

Watch some of the best skateboard competitions in the world on The Berrics YouTube Channel.


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