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How To Skateboard For Beginners

Learn how to skateboard even if you are beginner with the help of the boys at Braille Skateboarding. They make some nice skateboarding videos and skateboard tutorials that you need to check out. I will leave a link to their vids below.

“In this video we teach you the basics of getting started on your skateboard. We start with the basic of basics which is how to get your foot correctly placed on your skateboard for riding around. After that we go over the basics of how you should switch your feet around when you’re pushing. Then we go into a tutorial of a simple skateboard trick that you can go outside right now and learn right away. Finally we get into the tricks you’re going to learn and the correct order to learn them in once you start really progressing on your skateboard.”

Make sure to check out his YouTube channel:

Check out their website for more skateboarding help and to get Skateboarding Made Simple!

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