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Jackass Barrel Jumping On Ice Skates

Crazy ice skating video with the crew from MTV’s Jackass Show jumping barrels on ice skates.

In this crazy ice skating video, the reality show stars from MTV’s Jackass Show risking it all while jumping barrels on ice skates. If you know the guys from Jackass, then you know that every stunt they pull is extreme, and this video is no different. We even get an appearance from Pro Skateboarder and Reality Show star Bam Margera.

Jackass Barrel Jumping On Ice Skates
MTV Jackass crew jumping barrels at the ice skating rink

Watching these Jackass stars skating is hilarious, and witnessing their ill fated attempts to clear the ice barrels will have you laughing for sure.

“What defines a winter sport? It’s certainly not the Olympic committee, who would certainly not consider the ‘Jackass’-friendly feat of going Fonzarelli on skates.”

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