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Nyjah Huston Skates Alex Choi’s Famous Lamborghini Huracan Exoskeleton Inside The Berrics

Watch pro skater Nyjah Huston pull off some flip tricks and grind on a Lambo Exoskeleton.

Nyjah Huston, also known as “The X-Factor” is a sports car enthusiast, and he just dropped a sweet video of him skateboarding on automotive YouTuber Alex Choi’s famous Lamborghini Huracan’s mobile flatbar in The Berrics.

Huston pulls off a few nice flip tricks, unfortunately nobody is driving the car and it is not actually moving when he’s skating, but it’s still fun to watch him grinding on the highly valuable exoskeleton covered Lambo.

Nyjah Huston skates Alex Choi's famous lamborghini huracan exoskeleton inside the berrics
Nyjah Huston Skating On Alex Choi’s famous Lamborghini Huracan Exoskeleton

About The Berrics

The Berrics is a sweet indoors skatepark that was founded in by Eric Koston and Steve Berra in 2007. The building name is a blending of the owners’ names – the “Ber” of Steve Berra‘s surname and the “ric” of Eric Koston‘s first name.

Berra and Koston purchased the building for the skateboarding facility with to provide a place for skateboarders to practice tricks and avoid the touch streets of California, where skateboarding is illegal in many areas.

Pro Skateboard Champion Nyjah Huston Over a Lambo Sports Car

We will check in on the guys at The Berrics from time to time, but for now you can check them out on their various skateboarding platforms.

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