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Aggressive Inline Skating

Professional Parkour Athlete Bob Reese Learning Aggressive Inline Skating

Parkour Star Bob Reese Doing A Little Aggressive Inline Skating

Bob Reese, also known as the Cookie Monster, an Internationally recognized athlete in the Parkour community. While many consider Bob a free running Parkour legend, that is well know for his creativity in movements and applying his unusual style to many more difficult Parkour movements.

A couple months ago he decided to purchased a pair of skates to test his skills with a little aggressive inline skating. Bob is an incredible athlete, and his background in parkour helped him with the balance needed for his new skating endeavor. Bob looked like he was having a lot of fun, showing no fear while making this video. We look forward to watching him progress on his new skates. With the parkour stars athletic ability, he will be pulling off perfect Fakie 900° Flatspins in not time.

Bob Reese, was also a contestant on season 13 of the popular television show, also American Ninja Warriors.

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Instagram: @bobreesecookiemonster


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