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Eric J. Kuhns Skating The Storm Drain Tunnels Underneath Collin Creek Mall

Eric J. Kuhns on a haunted journey skating the storm drain tunnels underneath the Collin Creek Mall

Check out Eric J. Kuhns as he goes on a haunted journey with his camera and skateboard in the storm drain tunnels underneath the Collin Creek Mall in Plano, Texas. Watch him skate his way through the dark and creepy underground tunnels all by himself. Will he survive skating in the witch’s room? Watch out for the humongous cockroaches! You will have to watch this awesome skating adventure video to find out.

Eric J. Kuhns Skating

Eric J. Kuhns was born in the Dallas / Fort Worth area in 1987. As a young adult, he found skateboarding and music as creative outlets for his thoughts and ideas.

In his late teen years, he began entering skateboarding competitions. In his professional career, he specializes in marketing, technology. system processes, team management, and customer service. He started my career in fortune 500 companies and soon transitioned to startups of all sizes. On the side, he volunteers with the Human Rights Initiative for Human Rights Day DFW each year. He also builds websites and manages social media for clients as a freelance contractor.

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