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Rollerblading in Africa With Skating Star Karim

Watch Rollerblading Star Karim out rollerblading in the streets of Africa. You have to see this video and make sure you check out this interesting look at a top inline skater in Rwanda. There is no surface too rough for this rollerblader, and his happiness while skating is obvious and infectious. Enjoy the watching Karim skating everywhere in this awesome rollerblading video!

About Karim:

After graduating, Karim leaves the conflict-ridden Burundi for a quieter life in Rwanda. Of course, he took with him his rollerblades, which over time have become an extension of his legs. Karim is a performer and performs the greatest jumps and figures on the street. The neighbors look fascinated.

Thanks to his talents, he hired the High Society Rwanda as a teacher for their children. He uses it to mix the audience and involve young people from his Gakinjiro quarter.

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