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Roller Skating

A Short Guide on Connecting Roller Skating with Fitness and Health

connecting roller skating with fitness and health

Skating today is a well-known extreme sport in itself! It demands or enriches a good level of strength, stability, and endurance from its user. The more you will prepare, learn, and practice them, the better your skills would benefit you.

Do you know! During your learning process to become a pro skater, you can even benefit from a workout?

Many skaters are having doubts like;

Is roller skating an exercise?

Is inline skating good exercise? Or,

Is inline skating a good workout? Or,

Is roller skating a good exercise?

You can find the clarifications to all these queries in this post!

Yes, you can focus on brushing up your intricate skills to skate like a professional. At this time, you are actually training your body to remain fit and healthy.

Our body’s main areas affected the most via roller skate fitness, or rollerblade fitness skates are the legs and thighs. To achieve better stability in your body, you need to develop a strong core and muscle strength.

If you regularly like to skate for some hours every week, you will soon see muscle toning that is otherwise common while working out in Gyms.

Now you can think about how good it is to get the benefits of two while spending some hours daily in roller skating. Yet, it does not mean that you put on wheels under your foot for some hours in your home. You need to perform some special physical activities to achieve the required quad or inline skating exercise.

So while roller skating for a workout, you should know that a session must include the needed physical activities. It can help you to train up every muscle of your core, legs, and thighs. We generally achieve this by doing planks, squats, lunges, sit-ups, and crunches.

Newbies must start slow and gradually increase the sessions or duration of the workout to push their boundaries. Many of you might be interested in doing Yoga daily to enhance your physical and mental endurance.

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9 Tips for Roller Skating Exercises for Beginners

You can find many proven benefits of doing the workout with roller skates, but you can achieve it if it has to be performed well. Here are some tips for doing roller skating safe on either quads or fitness inline skates and get the full benefits of exercise during the action;

1) It is always best to do some warm-up to loose down your muscles before starting performing a workout session. Similarly, do not initiate your skating session too aggressively to avoid any risk of injury or disadvantage. Start slow or for a limited period if you are a beginner, and work on yourself to increase your possibilities to perform well on skates.

2) Try to know and maintain the right posture required for better skating skills. Your body should be at a lower position possible to better engage the leg and core muscles in your body. It is actually a position that we usually form while doing squats during workouts. You can occasionally swing your arms for a proper upper body exercise. Once experienced, you can skate on inclinations to burn more calories.

3) You should try to learn and do not hesitate to perform some advanced activities on your skates other than gliding on the streets. It will help you to engage more muscles and burn more calories during a roller skating workout. The best creative fitness tricks to perform are interval training, zig-zag movements, and speed training.

4) Once you have enough experience with performing workouts on skates, you should try to add weight to your exercise sessions. It will demand your more muscular engagement and physical strength. It is needed to maintain an outstanding body balance to elevate the difficulty level. You can achieve this by carrying a backpack, putting on ankle weights, or wearing a weight belt during roller skating.

5) You can boost the interest or enjoy the exercise sessions. You can do it by performing the same with fellow skaters or friends in groups to do a fitness routine if possible. But you need to take proper care during this time! There are chances to impress others or complete a challenge, and you may push hard compared to your lifestyle or physical limits. In this condition, you might end up with your tired up tendons.

6) It would be best to take a light meal before performing skating for the workout, but it does not mean you should be on an empty stomach. It is because your stomach might compress during roller skating. So if you are doing it without eating anything before, then you may feel nauseous. You need to also drink enough water in between your sessions to avoid any chances of cramps or dehydration.

7) The nearby environment and surface on which you are performing the skating also matter the most. It is to reap the benefits of workout from it properly. Try to do it in humid and cool air to avoid hot winds that can dehydrate you fast. Similarly, you can prevent gliding on wet/slippery areas or steep hills/gradual slopes till you are a pro skater to handle yourself on them.

8) Try not to perform the speed skating exercises till you know how to halt well when required. You need to apply brakes sooner and stop all of a sudden while skating at higher speeds to avoid topping over or any sudden crash. One more factor that can make you fall at high speeds is extreme bending that might exert increased pressure on your knees and spine. To avoid all these to be safe during roller skating!

9) Try not to compromise yourself by using essential protective gears before starting a fitness workout skating session. You should make sure to load up yourself with high-cut boots that can fit on your foot comfortably. It must be having a proper lacing, safety straps, and a sturdy four-wheel arrangement. Try to avoid using low-cut boots during skating exercise sessions to ensure your safety. Always choose from the best inline skates for fitness!

How to Start Exercising with Roller Skating?

Different people possess varying health factors and another physical build. So their exercise sessions might also vary. A workout session must be having the right balance of stretching exercises, aerobics, and strength training. It is best to start your roller or inline skating workout session by including the following activities in it;


You need to perform fundamental stretching activities before or after the exercise. It will help you to gain enough flexibility in your muscles and prevents you from experiencing cramps. Many pro-level skaters suggest stretching workouts to be included in our daily exercise routine.


Your cardiovascular endurance should counterbalance the vigor and intensity of skating. So it can be developed by regularly doing aerobics in sessions of 20-60 minutes for 3-5 days a week. You can achieve better fitness through continuous skating for some hours. You can also perform high-intensity cardio workouts at regular intervals of 10 seconds to three minutes. It is required for muscular recovery among the aerobic sessions of 20 seconds to two minutes.

Strength Training

You can develop muscle strength by following regular skating workouts and a daily fitness regimen. You can do it by performing different on-skate and off-skate floor exercises. You can perform activities like squats, leg press, toe press, calf raise that can help you to strengthen your core, abs, and legs muscles. Try to maintain correct posture and use the appropriate technique to perform skating.

What are the Recommended Exercises for Roller Skating?

If you are doubting how to give a start to your fitness regimen using roller skates, then here are some suggestions;

On-skate Warm-up – You can perform this session that includes exercises to improve your muscular flexibility. The list has torso-circles, arm swings, drunken crossover, windmills, jogging on skates, and grapevine. It also includes slaloms in both forwards & backward direction bum kicks, toy soldiers, and squat touch right & left. Not limited to these, it is also worth mentioning regular squats, side to side lunges, and more.

Backward Skating – It is also proven as a great warm-up exercise. You can stake in the opposite direction as an exercise that can help you remove left or right turn tendencies and maintain the muscular tissue.

Tiptoe – During this workout, skaters perform a lap by walking using only toe stops. A lap should follow it with alternate jogging on skates. You can slowly enhance the number of laps before trying other exercises.

Squats – You can activate your core muscles like glutes and quads by performing this exercise. It is an important physical activity that can improve your balance, enhance strength, and develop muscle memory.

Are Roller Skates good for Exercise?

You can sure achieve effective results by maintaining your overall body balance during the workout on skates. You need to be a great learner and have the patience to be a good skater. So practice well since it is not about achieving everything in just a gingle-skating session.

Try to perform every activity during your skating session that can help you to keep a sturdy lower and healthier upper body. It can also help you to achieve the benefits of a full-body workout. Similarly, there are many benefits of pre-skating warming up and essential to make your skating session much useful.

It can boost your blood circulation, and the blood oxygen can reach the joints and muscles. The enhanced oxygenated blood flow can help to increase muscular flexibility and lubrication. You will be less prone to a muscle tear, strained ligament, and injuries.

Regular checkup and upkeep of different parts of your skates, especially wheels, are also necessary. By performing this, you can avoid issues while getting the benefits of a workout on skates. And yes, Roller skates work well to perform exercises and help us remain fit!

Bottom Line

You might have gained enough knowledge on using skating for fitness. We can generally learn from any roller skating fitness classes or a roller skating exercise program.

Some of you might be confused about what is better to use among roller skates vs rollerblades for exercise! So the simple answer to this is that beginners should start with roller skates and rollerblades suits better to the experts!

It is best to start with quads that possess a larger base surface, hence better stability and balance. After some experience, you can gain the right intensity and skating that best suits your needs.

Once confident, you can switch to inline roller skates with wheels aligned in a single row with an optional brake provided on the back heel. You can surely try many advanced skating styles for workout benefits. It includes speed skating, jam skating, roller derby, trick skating, and cardio.

Always be aware of the nearby surroundings and take proper precautions to avoid any possibility of collision or a fall. Why not prefer to perform your workout skating activities in traffic-free and green areas? It will ensure your safety while breathing fresh air possible.

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