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Roller Skating Making A Comeback During Covid-19 Pandemic

Roller Skating Sees A Resurgence During Pandemic

With so many businesses struggling and more people looking to spend as much time outside as possible, many people are claiming that roller skating is seeing a huge comeback. Roller skating is inexpensive fun, and can be an excellent anaerobic workout, which only requires a pair of skates. People really enjoy being able to skate outdoors with the current restrictions, so feeling the fresh breeze as you skate can be very healthy for the body and soul.

You can roller skate just about anywhere, and a roller skating rink is not your only option for lacing them up. Roller skaters of all ages are showing up to skate at local skate parks to show off their roller skating tricks and dance moves on roller skates. Many rollerbladers, quad roller skate and inline skaters have been hitting the many local paved trails across the United States. Plenty of locations to roller skate at all times of the day!

Is skating making a comeback? This in-depth video report from ABC News’ Romina Puga will help shed some light on the current growth of popularity for roller skating. This excellent news report does a great job of providing a brief history of roller skating, and it includes some pretty good roller in the video as well.

I have to say they did a great job covering roller skating in a very positive way. Thank you goes out to Romina Puga and her media team at ABC News. Roller skating can use more positive coverage like provided in this great news piece, and we appreciate your work!


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