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Skaters Going Insane Compilation Video

Watch wild Skateboarders pulling off crazy tricks and going insane.

Want to see a crazy skateboard compilation video featuring skaters going insane? Well you are in the right spot. The guys over at Strictly Skating put together an awesome set of insane skateboarding video clips.

What they said….

In this video of “When SKATERS Go INSANE…” We’ve put together some pretty INSANE Skaters and Skateboarding tricks! Including tricks over big gaps, stairs, rails and more… Enjoy! Please Subscribe if you enjoyed the “When SKATERS Go INSANE…” video!

Here on Strictly Skateboarding we produce quality Skateboarding videos of Skaters from all around the World. With the main goal of making the best Skateboarding videos we possibly can that showcase all the different aspects that Skateboarding has to offer, Including: Impressive Tricks, Funny Moments and a lot more… Strictly Skateboarding always has the Skaters permission to be featured in our videos.”

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